Cutting out fluoro wax can help reduce greenhouse gases

Recently, 200 nations joined together to reduce hydofluorocarbon (HFC) gases. HFC is considered one of the most potent greenhouse gas. It is 10,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide, the most well-known culprit in the increasing levels of greenhouse gases. The main use of HFC is refrigerants, aerosols, and foams. Countries, including the USA and China, have agreed to various deadlines to reduce the use of these gases produced as a result of human activity.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry said “It is a monumental step forward.” The US and Europe have committed to cut the use of these harmful gases incrementally, starting with a 10% reduction by 2019 and reaching 85% by 2036. By reducing the HFC gases, a climate change of approximately 0.5°C (or 0.9°F) rise in temperature by 2100 can be avoided.

As skiers and riders, we can do our part to reduce this greenhouse gas by eliminating using fluorocarbon waxes. HFCs are precursors and by-products of the fluorocarbons used in ski and snowboard wax. Fortunately, there are alternative additives for wax to keep it fast. Green Ice Wax has been using these alternative, ecofriendly additives in its race wax series now for 4 years. The wax is endorsed by Travis Ganong, Olympiad and US professional downhill ski racer. The waxes have been used successfully by professionals and collegiate racers for some time.

European Race Professionals told Green Ice Wax that fluoro-based ski wax will soon be banned in Europe. So let’s all do our part and be proactive to stop the depletion of the ozone layer, which shields the earth from harmful UV rays from the sun, by switching our race wax to a non-fluoro wax, GI2000. (Available at


New York Post, “Nearly 200 Nations Agree to Cut Greenhouse Gases” Reuters, Oct 15, 2015

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